Ten Innovative Uses Of Orchid Flowers At Weddings

Flowers form an essential part of wedding décor and more and more wedding planners are using exotic flowers to enhance the aesthetics of the venue. Orchid flowers are the perfect choice for wedding decor as they combine style and elegance. Orchids ooze a vibe of sophistication making it the go to choice for wedding decoration.

Here are ten innovative ways to use orchid cut flowers in wedding décor to make an impact on the guests.

  1. Decorate arches or use orchid cut flowers to design a floral curtains. These exotic flowers can be used along with other flowers to design an arch or decorate pre-existing arches. Design a welcoming entrance by using boughs of hanging orchids.
  2. Use orchid flowers to design simple and understated centre pieces. The delicate orchid flowers leave space for imagination and make the decoration appear understated.
  3. Design a bespoke bouquet with beautiful orchid flowers.
  4. Orchids can also be used to design bridal accessories. Use orchids to embellish your beautiful hairstyle or use them as hand and feet accessories.
  5. Orchids can also be used as wedding favours. Give out beautiful orchid plants to your guests or use orchids to package your other wedding favours.
  6. Use orchid garlands to decorate the chairs in the venue. The trend is fast gaining momentum and it will surely uplift the visual appeal of the décor. They can also be used to decorate the main walkways, to design attractive installations and to decorate and design beautiful lighting arrangements in the wedding venue.
  7. You can opt for orchid cut flowers to decorate the dining cutlery. Placing a single orchid on the plate will surely get compliments pouring from the guests.
  8. Use orchids to decorate the wedding cake. They not only enhance the colour theme but also make the cake look elegant.
  9. Orchids can also be used as groom’s accessory. Use a single orchid flower to accessorise the suit of the groom to make him look stylish.
  10. Design beautiful floral headbands and accessories for the bridesmaids using beautiful orchid cut flowers to make them stand out and look attractive. They make the wedding party look awesome and chic.