Thai Teachers Wanting To Teach English Posing As Non-locals

Natthawut, a decoy name used for this article shared how his students are always excited to see their Singaporean teacher and excited for them to start learning the English language. He said that this moment is rewarding for him because it will not be possible if the students knew the truth about him – he is a Thai national that is only posing as a foreigner that does not understand the local language.

Natthawut revealed how the students will value him less if they knew that he is a Thai teacher rather than a foreigner. He is currently teaching at a school located in the southern city called Hat Yai. He asked the publisher of the article, Khaosod English, to hide his real name in respect for his employer. He added that the students are less eager to speak English if they know that their English teacher is a local.

Natthawut explained that he is only one among over 200 English students that are working under one company. Majority of them just graduated from various universities in Thailand. For over four years, the company he is working for has provided institutions, both public and private, with English teachers all over the country. They are more focused on schools that have special programs for the English language.

The company is called Make a Wit and Natthawut is only one of the three teachers that are working under this unique arrangement where they are tasked to pose as foreigners teaching the English language. For the sake of the story, their names have been changed.

The practice is not illegal and these three teachers are representative of the company. Their job is considered as a valuable technique in teaching because students will be forced to speak the English language because they think their teachers are foreign who does not know the Thai language.

One of the founders of the company made it clear that the schools and all the parents are aware that the teachers they are providing them are Thai nationals which are qualified in teaching English.

May of these English teachers have undergone a TEFL course and there are many options in Thailand such as Entrust TEFL.