The Dangers Of Using Plastic Bags

Are you the type of person to walk around with a paper bag? Or are you the type who uses plastic bags? If you are the latter, then maybe it’s time to rethink your choices. When you go to any market, most of the time, you would be seeing people carrying the items that they had bought with plastic bags. But before you even think of trying to join the flock, just think about the repercussions of using plastic.

Plastic pose a lot of risks not only to you but also for the environment.

One of the primary risks of using plastic bags is its effects on the environment. You should know that it takes a number of years, from thousands to even millions of years, for a single plastic bag to decompose. This means that plastic bags would stay with the earth for quite some time and the greatest danger is when plastic bags buildup because they pose a great threat to the environment.


Plastic bags have airtight qualities which makes them dangerous in the case of accidental suffocation. Infants, animals and kids have been known to have fallen victims to plastic bags.


Animals, especially sea dwellers, have fallen prey to the dangers of plastic bags. Plastic is never good in an animal environment; each year, countless of birds, whales and turtles die because they had mistaken plastic bags for food.

If there is one thing about plastic bags that makes them so special, it is definitely their durability. Unfortunately, this strength can also be considered as a risk. When you go to a landfill and bear witness to the wastes, you would notice that most of the trash there are plastic bags.

When you burn plastic, you actually release toxic fumes that greatly increase the pollution in the air. Unfortunately, since they do not degrade, there is no choice but to burn them.

The biggest danger of plastic bags is how they are made. Since the materials used to produce plastic bags are non-renewable, you can expect them to still be in existence long after you have gone to the grave.