The Kardashians Inspiration For A Movie Costume

Absolutely Fabulous is widely popular as a television series in Britain. The good news is that it has already made its debut on the big screen last July 22. The television series is known for its type of un-PC jokes as well as the outrageous outfits worn by the characters. The movie screening was shown on movie theaters in the United States. Absolutely Famous: The Movie, made its debut on the cinemas in the United Kingdom last July 1 which is three weeks before the American screening. The British movie had a grand opening, following the James Bond movie Spectre which was shown last year.

Ab Fab, the television series started in 1992, is about a story of two best friends. One is Edina Monsoon who is a alcoholic and works as a PR executive while the other is her best friend Patsy Stone who works as a fashion designer or stylist. The two are known for their antics which are most of the time self-centered and committed by their drunk selves.

According to the costume designer of the movie, Rebecca Hale, the characters have grown older in a disrespectful manner. Hale was also part of the TV series. In the movie, the escapades of the two grown best friends have improved and were shown to be more ambitious than before. The story revolves in their escape to the southern part of France after Edina failed to make Kate Moss her client which was followed by an unfortunate accident on Moss’s part. Edina who is facing public humiliations as well as a lawsuit, escaped with her best friend.

Hale made a lot of movie costumes and outfits for the film and one of her inspiration for a millennial look are the Kardashians. The internet exploded last year because of Kim’s bottom and so she decided to make a costume with the same look as well. It was in the form of yellow hot pants to be worn by Bubble and it contains extra thick padding as well as a winking emoji design on the outside.