The Latest Trend In Apartment Rental

The suburbs of Metro Phoenix are welcoming the new trend in apartment rental. Because of the high demand for apartment rentals, developers are starting to create new rental complexes that are looking more like a home subdivision rather than an apartment complex. This is the answer to people i to live in a single house but can only afford the rent of a basic apartment unit.

The rental homes have single story and there are unattached to one another. They also have private backyard thus it presents a set-up very similar to that of a single-family home. As of the moment, there are over a dozen horizon complexes that are currently being constructed. The good news is that renters are trying to get their hands first on one of these developments.

According to Scott Cocuzza, he does not want to get an apartment because of the dreaded noise coming from the renters above. Now he decided to get one of the new 136 units located inside a community in Surprise.

The complex will be launching in January and 60 per cent of the units have already been leased.

He added that his fiancé is currently residing in El Mirage while he used to live in the northern part of Scottsdale or Phoenix. She was the one who found the community and thought it the perfect place for them because it is located halfway from both their current locations.

These new apartment complexes are equipped with amenities that are usually found in new home constructions including alarm systems, 10-story ceilings, backyards, doggy doors and smart home technology.

These complexes also come with amenities that are often seen in upscale apartment projects such as community pools, clubhouses, armadas, exercise facilities and fire pits.

According to the head of Meyers Research, the national real estate firm, Tim Sullivan, Phoenix is currently leading the innovation for this new product and their company is now dealing with clients that are interested with developing this type of apartment complexes in other parts of the country. This is a good alternative to a single house especially for those who prefer apartment living with privacy.