The Perks Provided For First Class Air Travel

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Airlines are making the news today because of the perks provided for their first class passengers. However, the industry is also being subjected to criticism because passengers in the economy class are paying for the perks like the VIP lounges, airport transfers in chauffeur-driven Porches and decadent in-flight amenities.

According to Los Angeles Times, among the highlights of first class air travel includes the following:

  • Chauffeured airport transfers – United Airlines, Delta Airlines and American Airlines offer chauffeured cars so that premium travelers can make connections to Los Angeles International Airport. United Airlines makes use of Mercedes Benz cars while Delta Airlines picks passengers in Porches. American Airlines makes use of Cadillac’s to transport their most-prized travellers.
  • Private entrance – Delta Airlines has recently completed a $229 million terminal upgrade at the LAX so that there will be a private curbside entrance for their influential and wealthy passengers.
  • Private lounges – Delta calls its best passengers as Delta One and they are allowed access to private lounges to keep away paparazzi’s. At the private lounge, Delta One passengers are provided with free drinks and snacks with an expedited security checkpoint.
  • Onboard nannies and butlers – It is expected that airlines will soon provide onboard nannies and butlers who will ensure every comfort of passengers. Airlines will make an effort to create a hotel-like ambiance with more personal privacy in booths and touches like individual desk lamps to look more like boutique hotels.
  • Integrated massage services – Most executive class seats have the integrated massage functionality so that passengers can relax during the flight. The next step will probably be sensors incorporated into the seats to provide biomedical feedback on the levels of relaxation including stress levels and blood pressure.

Amenities are expected to be more exciting with onboard entertainment systems, music, movies and food that are customized for a particular passenger.