Tips To Start Food Business In Latin America

Leonardo is a renowned restaurateur and owns the top restaurant in Caracas. He also has a top notch restaurant in Miami. His restaurant is the top restaurant in Mexico and features among the top fifty restaurants in Latin America.

Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan has foreseen that the next leading fast food chain will come from Latin America. Leonardo is a banker, entrepreneur and advises start-ups. He also promotes some Latin American restaurants that provide healthy and delicious menus. Churro mania is a popular fast food company promoted by him.

Here are some tips from Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, on the ideas to start restaurant and food business in Latin America.

  • Late-night restaurant

Latin Americans have very busy life style. They are awake till late nights and are looking for options for late night binging.  A late night restaurant or a café is a good idea as it serves customers looking for a filling meal late at night and it also attracts people looking to socialize at the late hour.

  • Street food

Street food is popular across Latin America. Especially Indian street food is highly popular. A street food van is the best option to serve spicy Indian street food. You can also include various Latin and European flavours relished by the locals. Select a popular location and start your street food van.

  • Health food

People are favouring healthy food choices rather than staple food. With raising literacy and exposure, people are conscious of what they eat and want to taste healthy variations of the local food. Designing a well-crafted menu with many healthy choices will make people flock to your restaurant.

  • Doughnuts

Doughnuts are a popular food choice across Latin America. Most of the Latinos relish doughnuts and try to fit them in their lifestyle. They sneak in a flavored doughnut after an early dinner or enjoy a flavoured doughnut with family and friends. A doughnut chain is a profitable option to start food business in Latin America.

These four options are the best bets to start a flourishing restaurant and food business in Latin America. Choose a popular menu and serve healthy food to become successful restauranteur like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan.