Top Skills To Learn In Personal Assistant Training Courses

A personal assistant plays an important role in the professional life of a manager or other top officials in the corporate ladder. CEOs, Directors, Presidents, even celebrities and other important individuals have their own personal assistant to help them organize their schedules and deliver executive tasks expected from them. The job may be challenging but it has several advantages and perks, not to mention the high salary associated with the post. To become an effective personal assistant, it would be advantageous for you to take Personal assistant training courses that will enhance your skills and capacities. Some of the important skills to learn from the training program include the following:


A very important person’s time is valuable. Any delay could mean thousands of even millions of dollars lost. This is the reason why, part of the training is to develop how personal assistants can deliver the needs of his superior in an efficient and timely manner. This way, the leader can also deliver what is expected from him. A personal assistant should learn how to manage his time or develop multi tasking skills especially that he is expected to do different tasks at one time. It may sound ridiculous but he is expected to answer telephone calls, note down important points for his superior to remember, remind his superior of a meeting set in 15 minutes and on top of that, perhaps carry some files and documents for the President.

Technological skills enhancement  

Part of Personal assistant training courses is the development of technological skills needed in the performance of the job. A persona assistant should be adept in Microsoft programs such as Word, PowerPoint Presentation and most especially Excel. He should also know how to present ideas to his boss in a comprehensive and precise manner because this information may also be used by his superior in meetings and other business gatherings.

Communication skills

One of the most important skills developed in personal assistant training courses is communication. A personal assistant would be tasked to send emails or call other important personalities so he should know how to communicate effectively and professionally with others.