Tourist From Dagenham Flooded With Donation After Accident In Thailand

There are many things to look forward to when visiting Thailand and many adventures worth trying. In cases of accidents though, it has been proven many times that health insurance in Thailand even for a foreigner is very important. This is the case of a tourist from Dagenham named Harry George Buster Cross. The 29 years old currently meet an accident while on the road as he was dragged by a sugar cane carrying lorry.

The man is now in a local hospital and waiting to be moved to a hospital in Bangkok. One of his legs had to be amputated because it was already degloved – a term used when the skin of the body is fully removed from the flesh underneath. Aside from that, his pelvis also received too much damage that the amputated leg’s socket is still not back to its original position inside the hip.

According to Harry’s family, the lorry’s driver did not admit to doing anything wrong that resulted to the accident therefore the matter will be sent to court for settling. Julie Cross, Harry’s sister, went to visit him in the hospital but she has already come back to the United Kingdom. She said that Harry is in so much pain whenever he attempts to move.

The upside is that Harry’s spirit was not squashed by the accident and he was still able to joke around despite it all.

Harry used to be a bartender at Covent Garden and the travel insurance helped during the accident but it run out.  The motorbike insurance, on the other hand, only covered a tiny portion of Harry’s medical bill. The rest of the money, he needs to gather in order to receive treatment and pay the hospital afterwards.

The good news is that a friend of Harry decided to create a crowdfunding page for him to aid with the costs of the treatment so that he can go back home to the United Kingdom. As of writing, it has reached more than £16,000.

Harry’s story is only one proof that health insurance in Thailand is very important because you never know when you will get into an accident and being in a foreign land is hard enough as it is.