Transforming A $2,000 Beat-Up Hyundai SUV To An $80,000 Luxury Car

If an individual will wish for a new car, it will certainly be the latest model. It does not make sense to buy a 20-year old Hyundai SUV that has seen better days. However, the demand for used Hyundai Gallopers that are being sold by used car dealers for $2,000 to $3,000 has suddenly increased after they have been rebuilt by former furniture designer, Henie Kim. The boxy classic was transformed into an $80,000 luxury vehicle and has become one of South Korea’s most desired vehicles.

The re-built car is now called Mohenic G. The design is inspired by the 1990’s but Mohenic Garages has decided to retain the angular touches and boxy frame of Hyundai. What is more noteworthy is the interior of the car which is handcrafted with modern dashboards and transmission sticks including its gauges and buttons similar to a classic airplane cockpit.

People who want to own a Mohenic G needs a lot of patience because only 43 cars have been rebuilt since 2013. The waiting list includes 48 customers who are eagerly anticipating the transformation of the car. Mohenic Garages has recently expanded its production but only 2 cars are produced each month or a total of 30 cars annually. The pace of production is slow because the team of 24 workers had to meticulously transform each car. The first step is to pry the car cabin from the frame after which it is sanded to remove corrosive elements, polished and painted.

The idea behind Mohenic G started four years ago when Kim went on a camping trip. He looked for a roomier vehicle that can be used for camping when he remembered the Hyundai Galloper. Kim searched for parts and restored every nook and cranny of the car. After 6 months of rigorous work, Kim revealed the fully restored car and the rest is history.

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