What Floor Tiles Are Right For You

Bathroom floor tiles are available nowadays in many materials. Vinyl, porcelain and ceramic are what comes to your mind first and all for a good reason. They are perhaps the most popular and practical choices today. But you can also try other options like wood, cork, stone and glass. Here are some suggestions on what to use for your floor tile for your bathroom.

Vinyl Tiles

The most popular material for bathroom floor tiles to use is vinyl as it is practical and inexpensive. It suits every bathroom in the house including the master bath to the powder room. In terms of durability, comfort and safety, it beats other popular options. It also adds an aesthetic appeal and is very easy to install.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic or porcelain will make you bathroom look better. Ceramics will score high when we speak about maintenance but can’t be more comfortable than vinyl. They are also not easy to install compared to vinyl, although one can experiment when installing ceramics. If protected by high-grade glaze, the ceramic can survive wear and scratches.

Plastic Laminate Tiles

Plastic laminate tiles or planks make great choices if you’re renovating or remodeling your bathroom. As compared to kitchen countertops, the tiles don’t significantly raise the level of an existing floor. This will simplify plans for transitions from room to room. While they may be durable and easy to clean, they are prone to moisture. Standing water can penetrate to the fiberboard core and will cause the material to buckle and expand.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles were initially found on the lobby or foyer. In the past years, however, they have grown to be popular in other rooms and the bathroom as well. These floor tiles can be made of slate, granite, marble and limestone and can come in a wide variety of colours. They can also come in various textures which will suit your needs for the bathroom or any other room of your house. However, these tiles need regular maintenance, cleaning and sealing to ensure its quality and upkeep. As compared to other types of flooring, it is the most expensive option.