What Is The Future Of Bathrooms?

It cannot be denied that somewhere in the future another topic will be given more focus in the Cabinet by one of the members and that is the issue of public restroom. One might not be expecting Cabinet members to think about the future of the bathrooms but we cannot deny the fact that it has only been 50 years since the desegregation of the bathrooms based on race have been removed because of the federal law. Add to that the fact that it was only 25 years ago that the law has required buildings with toilets to have a unit that is easily accessible for people who are using the wheelchair.

The big question is that, what is the future of bathrooms?

Many people have something to complain about the existing bathrooms provided nowadays – from the awful smell to the gender plastered on the wall, the broken locks of the bathroom doors, the body shaming as well as the stall doors which are not private enough for some individuals. The most recent issue is that of inequality when it comes to bathroom use. Many transgender individuals are complaining regarding their experiences when using the bathrooms that have gender segregation. Some feel stressed while using the loo while others are being harassed. The queue on the women’s bathroom is always exceptionally long because there is not enough stalls to accommodate the large number of women users.

According to the professor of sociology at the Center for Data Science of New York University, Laura Noren, the department she is under in specializes in studies with regards to shared spaces in the community such as bathrooms. She shared a little bit on what she foresees the future of the bathroom will be.

According to her, the future bathrooms will have features such as accessible stalls, room that are reserved for families as well as caretakers wherein they will have access to changing table and their own sink inside the room. It accommodates all gender with more privacy which means stall doors will most likely be from floor to ceiling. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in small vanity units to make the room more functional.