Where To Spend The Office Furniture Budget

Whether it is a small business or a big multi-million dollar company, every office desires to save money as much as possible.

Although saving is somewhat necessary, it is also important to plan when budgeting for office furniture.

An office’s first impressions

Splurge: The desk in the reception area should make a statement. The reception area is a customers’ first impression for any business. A reception desk should be welcoming and should set the tone for visitors stepping foot on the front door. A reception station need to withstand a high traffic use so a durable desk that lasts for years is something to go for.

Save: End tables and coffee tables need not take up a chunk in the budget. These tables are not used too often so inexpensive options are better.

Workstations and private offices

Splurge: Desks as well as office chairs should be of high quality to withstand daily use and also comfortable enough for the employees who work using them all day every day.

Save: Workstations are greatly important to ensure productivity and happiness of employees, so furniture for cubicles and offices should be of great quality. One thing to save on is the guest chairs for visitors. These are used lightly and need not be ergonomic office chairs like those for employees’ use.

Conference rooms

Splurge: Choosing the right conference table is critical for a meeting space that is comfortable, attractive and impressive.

A more resistant and sturdier choice for high traffic use means not replacing anything sooner. This allows saving in the long run. Aside from the right table, pick ergonomic office chairs which are comfortable enough to sit in especially for long meetings.


Save: There are a lot of budget friendly decorations and accessories to choose from. It is best to select the important furniture first. Then, the decorations can be chosen on the left over budget. Regardless of budget, there are lamps or artwork for any office space.

Spend vs. splurge

This boils down to investing in a room’s focal point like a reception desk, conference table and those areas that require high usage.