Why A Trendy Bar In Sathorn Has Ceased To Be Active For A Year

Bangkok has been quiet for some time especially with the passing of the country’s late King Adulyadej. However, international tourists continue to flock the city especially in a trendy bar in Sathorn for pleasure and enjoyment.

The world’s longest reigning monarch died at the age of 88 with the government prompting an announcement for a year-long period of mourning. The effective date will surely shorten Bangkok’s renowned form of entertainment especially in their red light districts.

Bars, nightclubs and restaurants have fallen so quiet after police and army officers ordered them to tone down the merrymaking, even if most of their customers were global tourists.

In Khaosan Road, the infamous backpacker hub has had bar managers and travellers insist they have never seen such a complete shutdown. Just like a trendy bar in Sathorn, its manager said they have never seen anything like this, especially that they have been in business for 20 years. The king’s death has triggered the stop of the revelry and now,they offer alcohol at daytime. However, everyone concerned including global tourists understand such situation.

The death of the 88-year-old king hadforced the Buddhist nation for a period of intense mourning, while teary Thailanders filled the streets to pay respect to the deceased king whom they adored so much.

It’s also one reason why Thai bar girls now dress in more modest black dresses and shoes when they show up for work on Friday night. They have paid their respectsto the king.

At around 10 p.m., soldiers switched off the neon lights, pushing an early closing time for all red light districts to comply with government orders to minimize celebrations while Thailand grieves.

Just few minutes when the ailing monarch died, Thailand’s junta chief Chan-ocha stood on national TV to announce the one-year official mourning period. Many fun events like fun runs, concerts, wedding parties and religious festivals, had been put off since. Television networks too were asked not to broadcast joyous images like dancing. One major channel informed its suspension of a wildly popular soap opera.

Though there was no ban issued for drinking alcohol, which is popular in Buddhist holidays, several stores chose to stop selling wines and liquors. A trendy bar in Sathorn had taken special steps not to promote so much fun.